Nine Egyptians Charged Over June 2023 Pylos Shipwreck

Pylos shipwreck

Nine Egyptians face trial in Greece for their alleged involvement in the Pylos shipwreck, which claimed over 550 lives on June 14, 2023.

The defendants deny any wrongdoing, asserting they were passengers attempting to reach Europe like others onboard.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International criticize the trial's legality.

According to Marion Bouchetel of the Legal Centre Lesvos, representing the accused, the defendants were unlawfully detained and charged based on scant and dubious evidence.

The trial raises concerns about the systematic criminalization of migrants in Greece.

The accused could face multiple life sentences if convicted.

The sinking vessel, the Adriana fishing trawler, departed Libya on June 9, 2023, carrying up to 750 individuals, mainly from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, and Palestine.

The vessel capsized early on June 15, 2023, with only 104 survivors.

The Hellenic Coastguard's response to distress calls and its role in the sinking are under scrutiny.

Survivor testimonies suggest the coastguard's actions may have contributed to the disaster.

An investigation into the coastguard's involvement is ongoing, with evidence yet to be disclosed to the defence.

The trial dossier primarily relies on survivor testimonies, which defence attorneys argue were collected under dubious conditions and lack authenticity.

The defence's request for additional evidence has been denied, raising concerns about the fairness of the trial.

The sinking vessel

On June 9, 2023, the Adriana fishing trawler departed Libya carrying up to 750 individuals, the majority of whom were Egyptian, Pakistani, Syrian, and Palestinian nationals.

Four days later, passengers began transmitting distress calls due to the vessel’s immobility. NGOs, the Italian coastguard, and Europe’s border agency Frontex informed the Greek coastguard of the ship’s whereabouts. By the late hours of June 14, the coastguard had arrived in Adriana.

Early on June 15, during the early hours, the Adriana capsized.

According to survivor accounts, the Hellenic coastguard attempted to tow the vessel, which resulted in its capsize, and failed to take adequate measures to rescue those in the water.

The coastguard of Greece has refuted both of these accusations.

The number of survivors amounted to 104.

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