TikTok's Soaring Popularity in Greece


According to data provided to Kathimerini by the social media giant, over 3.5 million people in Greece use TikTok. Additionally, approximately 67% of TikTok users in the country are over 25 years old.

Nikos Xydas, owner of the advertising company Humble, noted that TikTok's popularity in Greece surged during the pandemic. Humble conducted a survey of 4,000 people in Greece regarding their social media usage. The survey indicated that while Instagram remained the most popular social media platform in the country, TikTok claimed a strong second position, surpassing Facebook.

Specifically, TikTok emerged as the favourite platform for around 30% of Greeks between the ages of 13 and 17 and 18 and 24. Moreover, 34.1% of those aged 25 and 34 also preferred TikTok over any other social media platform. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 36% of TikTok users between the ages of 13 and 17 spent two hours on the platform daily, while 18.6% used it for over three hours each day.

Humble's survey also uncovered that 29% of users had purchased a service or product that they encountered on TikTok.

According to Xydas, Greek users perceive TikTok as a hybrid of a social media network and Netflix. "They tell us it attracts them, that they logged in for 5 minutes and stayed for two hours," he remarked.

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