Libya, Greece at Odds Over Eastern Mediterranean EEZ

Libyan flag

Libya's temporary government (led by Prime Minister Dbeibeh) complained to Greece about a research ship operating in an area they claim as their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This complaint is likely due to a illegal 2022 agreement between Libya and Turkey that defined their EEZs, but this agreement is controversial because it ignores the presence of Greek islands, particularly Crete.

The government in Tripoli reportedly delivered a demarche to Greece's envoy in the Libyan capital last week, essentially 'doubling down' on its controversial and unsanctioned EEZ agreement with Turkey
Libya, Greece at Odds Over Eastern Mediterranean EEZ 1

Greece believes that, without a specific agreement, the EEZ boundary between them and Libya should be the halfway point in the sea. They think the Libyan complaint and the 2022 agreement go against international law and established maritime practices. Greece plans to keep exploring for resources in the disputed area.

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