Greek Police Announce Takedown of Major Cocaine Importing Gang


The Attica Security police announced on Thursday the successful takedown of an international criminal gang responsible for importing large quantities of cocaine from Latin America into Europe.

The operation revealed that the drugs were transported by sea, hidden in containers, and distributed across various European countries, including Greece, generating substantial illegal profits.

The dismantling of this criminal organisation was made possible through a collaborative effort involving the DEA Office at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, the Hellenic Police's special counterterrorism unit, the narcotics squad of the 3rd Piraeus Customs Office, and support from the SDOE and coastguard narcotics and smuggling squads.

This takedown culminated from several months of intensive investigation, involving thorough analysis and cross-checking of evidence. Police successfully mapped out the gang's operational structure, identifying each member's role within the organisation, which reportedly amassed over 5 million euros in profits.

The alleged leader, a 48-year-old man, was arrested during a police raid on Wednesday morning. He was found in possession of 210.3 kilos of cocaine. Further searches of residences and vehicles uncovered an additional 510 grams of cocaine, 131,675 euros in cash, a loaded gun, ammunition, and other evidence.

The 48-year-old, responsible for securing and financing the drug operations, faces a 20-year prison sentence and fine imposed in 2017 for operating a workshop producing the synthetic drug Captagon. Other key members included a 36-year-old responsible for recruitment, a 64-year-old managing communications with international contacts, and a 54-year-old tasked with protecting the leader and preventing his arrest. Notably, the 64-year-old had previously served a prison sentence in the U.S. for arms trafficking.

The police are continuing their investigation to uncover the full extent of the gang's activities, potential connections with other criminal organisations, and to identify additional members.

(Source: Amna)

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