Kostas Karafotis and Katia Manou Wedding Photos and Videos

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The stunning bridal gown, entrance to the church, and attendees - Moments from the time of the sacrament and the arrival of the bride in the church.

Renowned singer Kostas Karafotis and his beloved Katia-Nana Manou ascended to the altar of Agios Nikolaos church in Kolonaki. Happiness beamed on the couple's faces inside the church, while upon completion of the ceremony, the camera captured the newlyweds in loving shots.

Kostas Karafotis and Katia Manou Wedding Photos and Videos 1

A few steps further, the groom, Kostas Karafotis, was waiting for her excitedly and welcomed her with a big hug in a very tender moment before they went inside the church for their wedding.

The elegant bride wore lace and was surrounded by numerous celebrities during the event. The photos and videos capture the moment the bride's father escorts her into the church and the moment she steps out of a white SUV.

Of course, their exit after the ceremony was much more impressive. Their guests showered them with rice, and they never stopped smiling.

Eleni Petroulaki, with whom the bride works professionally, was there with her eldest daughter, Anna Maria Ivitch, Peggy Zina with her husband, George Lyra, and Zoi Papadopoulou.

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