Celebrating a Century: The Journey of St. John the Russian's Relics to Evia

St. John the Russian's Relics to Evia

This year marks a century since the relics of St. John the Russian were transported from Anatolia, Turkey, to the Greek island of Evia. The event is celebrated widely, reflecting on the saint's enduring legacy and the miraculous journey of his relics.

Historical testimonies recount a remarkable incident during the transport of St. John the Russian's relics. As the ship carrying the sacred cargo neared the island of Rhodes, it inexplicably halted and began to spin. The captain, puzzled by this occurrence, was informed by a Prokopion resident on board about the presence of the relics, which had been placed among other goods.

In response, the captain promptly ordered the relics to be moved to a sheltered area on the deck. This new location featured continuous illumination by oil burners and was adorned with icons of Lord Jesus Christ, Theotokos, and St. Nicholas, creating a fitting place of honour for the saint's remains.

Initially, the relics were housed in the church of Saints Constantine and Helena. However, between 1930 and 1951, a larger church dedicated to St. John the Russian was constructed to provide a permanent home for his relics. This church has since become a significant pilgrimage site, attracting visitors from around the world who come to pay their respects and seek the saint's intercession.

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