Mediterranean Magic Greek Restaurant Nestled on Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, a hidden gem awaits

Mediterranean Magic Greek Restaurant

This restaurant isn't just about the food; it's an immersive experience overlooking the glistening marina and Sydney Harbour. Imagine soaking in the serenity of the location while indulging in authentic Greek cuisine, accompanied by the sounds of traditional music - pure bliss!

The mastermind behind this magic is Dimitris Karpouzis, whose background takes a surprising yet delightful turn. For over 25 years, Dimitris has captivated audiences as a magician and cabaret producer. Inspired by legendary performers like Siegfried and Roy, he launched The Magicians Cabaret in 2010, earning rave reviews from Channel Seven's "The Morning Show."

In 2023, Dimitris relocated his cabaret to Jones Bay Wharf. However, a part of him felt incomplete. "There was something missing," he reflects. A chance encounter with Greek coffee sparked a revelation. Yearning to reconnect with his roots in Chalki Korinthias, Dimitris envisioned introducing a touch of Greece to his venue. The transformation unfolded swiftly, swapping out the red and gold curtains for a vibrant blue and white décor reminiscent of the Aegean Sea.

Joining Dimitris on this journey is his daughter, Konstantina, fresh out of high school and eager to embark on a business venture. Their passion for Greek culture shines through in every aspect of the restaurant.

Dimitris' vision for Mediterranean Magic? An unforgettable experience built on three pillars: candlelight, serenity, and waterfront views. Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious meal crafted by a Greek chef from the island of Samos, all while basking in the picturesque scenery. Dining here goes beyond just satisfying your hunger; it's a cultural immersion.

Mediterranean Magic Greek Restaurant welcomes you for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, with the added delight of lunch service on Saturdays and Sundays. Get ready to be serenaded by live Greek music starting Saturday, May 11th!

Find your own slice of Greek magic at:

Suite 108, Jones Bay Wharf
26/32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont
Bookings: 0423 208 876
Unwind, savour, and discover the magic of Greece at Mediterranean Magic!

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