Po’Boys Burgers: One of the best in Athens

Po’Boys BBQ Burgers

The image of a burger is enticing: fluffy, usually buttery, bread encasing a plump, juicy grilled patty accompanied by mayo, ketchup or other sauces, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese melting with pleasure.

It is an image that awakens our salivary glands. Recently, more and more places have been springing up in Athens where one can find such a delicious dish, at least in appearance.

As for their taste...I'll reserve my reservations.

Po’Boys BBQ Burgers

However, I have no reservations about the burgers you can try at Po'Boys. For six years now, chef Vassilis Sporos has brought the American culture and philosophy of BBQ to the centre of Psirri. And he does it well.

Year after year, therefore, it enriches the menu with more options, especially for burger lovers.

So, next to the simple, classic cheeseburger, the BMF, and the Bacon mushroom melt, there is the exuberant Holy Cow (I highly recommend it).

A stand out is the brand new Smash My Greek Up. It is smash burger with mutton patty, kaseri and garlic butter, which I'm sure will not leave you speechless. Delicious, exuberant and, at the same time, delightful.

Po’Boys BBQ

And that's not all you can enjoy there. Mac n' cheese should not be missing from your order. A plate that goes in the middle and disappears in the blink of an eye. It is the definition of foodporn.

To the appetisers, make sure to try deviled corn on the cob, served with cream cheese enriched with herbs to soften their taste. With them, have the Greek version of Panzanella with grilled cauliflower, feta cheese, colourful cherry tomatoes, capers and green olives, and to complete the round of appetisers, have the moderately spicy grilled chicken wings with their addictive sweet & sticky homemade sauce.

Po’Boys BBQ Burgers

Another thing I should mention is that at Po'Boys, they also pay a lot of attention to the cuts of meat and know how to cook them properly.

The 3-week dry-aged Hanger steak that I tested last time confirmed once again the excellent work that Vassilis Sporos and his team are doing. They know how to properly treat meats and serve them to guests in the best way.

Po’Boys BBQ Burgers

info: 12 Agatharchou & Lepeniotou, Psirri, tel. 210 3234 672
15 – 20 euros per person

Vasilis Dimaras is a columnist for Cantina. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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