Nia Vardalos slams Meta: "Facebook is a horrible unregulated place"

Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos is back on Instagram with a new post, but to publicly speak out against Meta, the company that owns Facebook.

The Greek-Canadian actress and producer realised that many accounts were circulating under her name, and she was sending messages to the world, pretending to be Nia Vardalos, to extract money.

In her post, she wrote: “Meta, it has come to my attention that fake accounts on Facebook are corresponding with accounts and asking people for money. My name and photo are my own, this is copyright infringement, theft and an international crime of scamming innocent people out of money. For the record, the majority of actors do not read our DMs because they’re filled with feet pic requests and tags to underage porn sites. Plus, I do not have an account on Facebook or Telegram or dreadful Twitter or its silly new name. Please don’t send anyone money, ever. Facebook is a horrible unregulated place and Meta does not take care of its users. To all who sent these sites money for exclusive membership or access, you were scammed."

Her post:

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