Theodore Koumartzis and the Global Legacy of the Greek Lyre

Theodore Koumartzis, renowned for his mastery of the lyre and visionary leadership in the creation of the Museum of Ancient Music Instruments, Seikilo, is a prominent figure in international music research

Theodore Koumartzis, a distinguished lyre musician and the visionary behind the groundbreaking Museum of Ancient Music Instruments, Seikilo, located in Thessaloniki, occupies a prominent position in the realm of international music research.

Renowned as a luthier and an essential figure in the music brand Luthieros, he has collaborated extensively with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic University of Greece in crafting various musical instruments.

Theodoros Koumartzis demonstrates the ancient Greek lyre. (Courtesy of Theodoros Koumartzis )
Theodoros Koumartzis demonstrates the ancient Greek lyre. (Courtesy of Theodoros Koumartzis )

Theodore's diverse musical journey extends to founding the folk fusion band Reggetiko Project, which has released three acclaimed albums over the past decade and performed in prestigious venues across the globe, including Sicily, Istanbul, Nicosia, and Bonn.

In recent times, Theodore Koumartzis has embarked on the creation of the world music act Pausis, aiming to reintroduce the Ancient Greek lyre as a symbol of human heritage. This ambitious initiative involves fruitful partnerships with esteemed institutions worldwide, such as the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia, the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki, Villa Grecque Kerylos, and the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kotsana. The primary goal of these collaborations is to promote the rich cultural and musical legacy of Ancient Greece.

These remarkable endeavors have garnered significant international attention, with media outlets including BBC4, Deutsche Welle, TRT2, and ERT3 featuring articles on Koumartzis's initiatives and contributions to preserving ancient musical traditions.

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