These 3 Greek islands are the most affordable for summer holidays

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With its 227 islands and some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, Greece is set to become even more popular this summer thanks to an increase in direct flights from the United States.

For travellers looking for affordable destinations without compromising on beauty, three impressive Greek islands stand out as the most affordable this summer: Lefkada, Thassos and Kalymnos.



Nestled in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada offers a more affordable alternative to the popular but more expensive islands of Corfu and Zakynthos. Known for its impressive white sand beaches reminiscent of the Maldives, Lefkada's Porto Katsiki beach is one of the best.

This narrow stretch of sand, framed by towering cliffs and turquoise waters, rivals the famous Navagio beach of Zakynthos in beauty.

A week's stay in Lefkada is incredibly budget-friendly, costing around €1,156 per person. This price includes accommodation, transfers and flights to Aktion airport.



greek islands thassos
Thassos, the northernmost Greek island, is a hidden gem near mainland Macedonia.

With a welcoming community of 13,000 locals, Thassos is famous for its unique apple-scented wine, the abundant marble used in ancient Greek temples and its villages nestled in verdant hills.

Thassos's isolation is part of its charm. The island is only accessible by boat from the port of Kavala, while the nearest major international airport is 152 kilometres away. This detour keeps the island relatively unexplored, making it a quiet haven.

A whole week in Thassos costs around €1,066.



According to recent surveys, Kalymnos is officially the cheapest tourist island in Greece.

It is an Aegean treasure located between Kos and Leros. Despite its low profile among tourists, Kalymnos is one of Greece's wealthiest islands, thanks to its thriving sponge industry and high GDP per capita.

The island's affordability is partly due to the lack of mainstream tourism. Kalymnos is only accessible by boat, usually from neighbouring Kos. The total cost for a weekly stay is only €1,047.

This makes Kalymnos an unbeatable destination for budget travellers looking for authentic Greek island life.

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