Confirmed Outbreak of African Swine Fever in Thessaloniki

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A confirmed case of African Swine Fever (ASF) has put farmers and veterinary authorities in Thessaloniki on high alert. The National Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever identified the outbreak on May 29, 2024, at a farm in the local community of Nicopolis, within the Municipality of Lagada.

The outbreak occurred at a pig farm housing 103 pigs, which included 1 boar, 15 sows, and 87 fattening piglets. Preventive measures included the culling of all pigs on May 23. The farm is located in Prohibited Zone III.

In response to the outbreak, strict measures have been implemented to prevent the disease's spread. These measures include the establishment of a Protection Zone with a minimum radius of 3 km and a Surveillance Zone with a minimum radius of 10 km around the affected farm.

Veterinary authorities will prioritise visits to all farms within these zones to:
- Conduct a livestock census
- Ensure biosecurity measures are in place
- Perform clinical examinations of pigs
- Collect samples for laboratory testing if necessary

Special conditions for the movement of pigs within these zones have been set to ensure safety and containment. These conditions include:
- Completion of preliminary cleaning and disinfection of infected holdings
- Risk assessment indicating negligible risk of ASF spread
- Movement via major roads away from pig-rearing establishments without stopping
- Clinical examinations and laboratory tests showing negative results
- Designated slaughterhouses located as close as possible to the origin of the pigs
- Sealed transportation and separate slaughtering of pigs from protection and surveillance zones

The outbreak underscores the importance of vigilance and stringent biosecurity measures to contain the disease and protect the local swine industry.


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