Maria Menounos Shares a Heartfelt Story of Daughter Athena's Christening

Maria Menounos recently celebrated the christening of her beautiful daughter, Athena, at St. Nectarios Church. Grateful for the miracles associated with the church, Maria chose this special place for the ceremony

Maria Menounos recently celebrated a joyous milestone in her family's life—the christening of her beautiful daughter, Athena. The sacred ceremony took place at St. Nectarios Church, a place of profound significance for Maria due to the many miracles she attributes to it.

Surrounded by loved ones, including Athena’s godparents who travelled all the way from Greece, the event was a heartfelt occasion filled with gratitude, love, and cherished moments. Maria expressed her appreciation for the warmth and support from their priest, Father Demosthenes, and everyone who joined them to witness and celebrate this special day.

A beautiful Christening for my beautiful little Athena ❤️

Athena's Christening took place at St. Nectarios Church, a location that holds deep significance for me due to its history of miracles. I always knew she had to be baptized there. I'm incredibly grateful to St. Nectarios for this special moment and to our priest, Father Demosthenes, for conducting such a wonderful service. His love and the support from his family have meant the world to us.

A huge thank you to Athena’s godparents, Sotiris, Ira Marietta, and Leon, who traveled all the way from Greece. Their journey to Los Angeles, complete with boxes of Athena’s Christening wear (a funny story for another time 😂), and their willingness to take on the sacred role of godparents, truly touched our hearts.

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