Wild celebration across Greece for Olympiacos' historic first European title


The Europa Conference League champions arrived in Piraeus in an open bus, holding the trophy, which they won after their 1-0 victory over Fiorentina in the OPAP Arena.

The triumphant Olympiacos arrived at the Municipal Theatre in Piraeus shortly before 5 am on Thursday, where their fans were waiting for them to celebrate together the first European cup for any Greek team!

"We did a great job, thank you all. Love this team with all your heart," said Olympiacos captain Kostas Fortounis.

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From the platform set up in the Municipal Theatre to the sounds of "We are the champions," he lifted the European Cup. Then, they all sang, "You're Something Magical."

The world of red and white rightfully idolised Spanish manager Jose Luis Mendiliber for his team's historic achievement. He made sure to show his love for his part, going "ole-ole" with the prized trophy while on the specially designed podium.

"It's our first. Let's not make it our last," said Medilibar.

The Spanish coach could not believe what he was seeing and experiencing, and he showed that he was enjoying the adoration.



The Olympiacos delegation left Nea Philadelphia at approximately 03:30 and arrived at Syngrou Avenue with their coach just before 4 a.m. Then, they boarded the open double-decker bus bound for the Municipal Theatre.

The trophy winners, accompanied by the Red and White sea of ​​people, were late but reached their destination and went up to the platform set up at the Municipal Theatre. There, apart from the crowd, the president of the club, Vangelis Marinakis, and the mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, were waiting for them.

But for all this to happen, Olympiacos had to fulfil its fans' dream and lift the European Cup, winning 1-0 in the Fiorentina Conference League final at the OPAP Arena, thanks to a goal scored by El Kaabi in the 116th minute.

As soon as the Portuguese referee blew the whistle for the end of the final, thousands of fans of the red and white watched the game from the giant screens set up in three areas of Piraeus. As night turned into day, they erupted into wild celebrations.

Celebrations in Volos


Fireworks, firecrackers, and flares created a celebratory atmosphere, while the floodlights in the harbour turned night into day.


Thousands of people who were on the beach watching the match on huge screens flooded the area from the height of the Bank of Greece to the university.

Celebrations in Lamia


Hundreds of Olympiacos fans took to the streets of Lamia after their team won the European title in the Conference League final.

Immediately after the final whistle, they poured into the main streets of Lamia in their cars and gathered in Eleftheria Square for the all-night celebration.

Celebrations in Patras


After the match ended, the Olympiacos fans poured into the streets and wildly celebrated the Mendiliber team's triumph with slogans and smoke bombs!

Celebrations in Syros



After the match, Olympiacos fans in Syros poured into the streets and celebrated the Mendiliber team's triumph with slogans and smoke bombs!

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Images from Proto Thema

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