EU Council Enacts Right-to-Repair Directive Empowering Consumers

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The EU Council embraced a groundbreaking directive, the right-to-repair directive, that champions the repair of malfunctioning or defective goods, heralding a new era for consumer rights.

The directive, endorsed by the Council, introduces a comprehensive framework of tools and incentives designed to make repair a more appealing option for consumers. These initiatives include:

  1. Mandatory Manufacturer Repairs: Under EU law, manufacturers will now be legally obligated to repair products that are technically repairable, empowering consumers to seek timely and efficient solutions for faulty goods.
  2. Voluntary Repair Form: A standardized repair form will be made available to consumers, offering transparent information about the repair process, including deadlines and pricing details. This measure aims to enhance clarity and streamline the repair experience for consumers across the EU.
  3. European Online Repair Platform: An innovative online platform will be established, providing consumers with easy access to a comprehensive directory of repair services. This centralized hub will facilitate the search for reliable repair solutions, further empowering consumers to exercise their right to repair.
  4. Extended Legal Guarantee: Consumers opting for repair over replacement will benefit from a 12-month extended legal guarantee. This incentivizes sustainable consumption practices while bolstering consumer confidence in repair services.
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