Greek trainer explains the new exercise trend that combines efficiency with comfort in our homes


Ioanna Laoumtzi introduces us to hybrid personal training, one of the positive legacies of the pandemic.

In the days of quarantine, the need to take care of ourselves increased, leading many to exercise with the help of online training from the comfort of their homes.

Despite its difficulties, this exercise model has found many supporters who want the advantage of flexibility, especially those with intense daily life and great time pressure.

Although gyms have long reopened, the need for flexible workouts that adapt to the demands of everyday life remains. The solution is provided by the new exercise model, hybrid personal training, which allows everyone to follow training either in the gym, in the comfort of the online space or even with a combination of the previous two.

The person chooses when, how, and where to train according to their capabilities and needs.

The guidance of a trainer is necessary

For those who do not want to part with their "personal" gym at home, there are suggestions that will improve the exercise experience and bring immediate results. It is important to have an experienced trainer who will examine the trainee's needs and give the right guidelines for the proper configuration of the training space.

One of the most important tips is to separate the exercise area from the rest of the house, even if the space is limited.

YouTube Smart Workouts

Technology provides us with the right tools to achieve the hybrid exercise model. YouTube Smart Workouts offer flexibility since they provide guidance from experienced trainers without the limitations of space and time.

Even for the most sceptical, who consider that online workouts are not personalised, the answer comes from the abundance of videos that are now offered and will cover most needs, for free or at a very small cost.

The first and very important step in effective online training is to have a basic knowledge of exercise techniques to avoid injuries. The next step is choosing the right trainer.

It is important that the exercise program is tailored to the needs of the exerciser and can be easily followed. A good trainer provides constant feedback and always gives clear instructions, ensuring immediate, very positive results.

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This article first appeared in Marie Claire. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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