Superwog Stars Theo and Nathan Saidden on Their Surprising Success

What began as a childhood joke for Theo and Nathan Saidden has turned into an unexpected and flourishing career. Known for their hit YouTube channel 'Superwog', the Sydney brothers, have amassed a cult following by creating sketches that humorously depict their ethnic heritage.

The duo's success has now reached new heights with the announcement of a new stand-alone series on Netflix titled 'Son of a Donkey'.

“In Son of a Donkey, we meet Theo just as he moves out of his home to claim his independence — until he’s faced with the harsh realities of adulthood,” reads a synopsis by Netflix. “From driving fines and daddy issues to internet scams and a lot of therapy, Theo and his best friend Johnny get up to their usual antics as they come to terms with what’s most important: family.”

Production has already begun in Melbourne, supported by VicScreen.

“We’re so happy to announce our new show with Netflix. This will be the wildest show we’ve ever made,” the brothers shared.

Princess Pictures, which also produced the ABC series, is thrilled to continue supporting their career. Executive Producer Mike Cowap said, “They’ve already earned a passionate fan base outside of Australia, but with their first Netflix series we’re excited to see that grow exponentially.”

Growing up with a Greek-Egyptian mother and Egyptian father, the Saidden brothers started filming comedic sketches to poke fun at their cultural background. “My brother and I were always making each other laugh from a very young age by imitating people and playing characters,” older brother Theo recalls. Their mother provided them with a video camera to capture family memories, but instead, they used it to create “f…ed up sketches.”

The borthers' comedic talents blossomed, and in their late teens, they began uploading videos to YouTube. The Superwog character, navigating the clash between ethnic heritage and white Australian suburbia, quickly became a hit. Reclaiming a term that was once offensive, their sketches resonated with audiences, and the Superwog YouTube channel now boasts 3.48 million subscribers.

The videos humorously explore how “wogs” react to everyday situations like airplane travel, parent-teacher interviews, and camping trips. A decade after their first sketch about phone operator interactions, the video has nearly two million views. Despite their long-running success, Theo admits, “I freak out sometimes in public wondering how I get away with it ... but it is so much fun.”

Gathering steam, the Saidden brothers’ humour began to extend beyond their online presence. In 2018, ABC picked up their pilot episode for a full series, which recently premiered its second season. Their parents, far from being upset, have embraced the Superwog phenomenon. “My dad doesn’t like the swearing so much but my mum is right there with it at the live shows selling T-shirts,” Theo laughs.

While their sketches push comedic boundaries, the brothers are careful to avoid causing offence. “Our intentions are never malicious and I think that shows,” Theo explains. “We never want people to be offended.”

Superwog is streaming on ABC iview, and the new Netflix series, Son of a Donkey, promises even more action, craziness, and larger-than-life characters. With their unique brand of humour and relatable experiences, Theo and Nathan Saidden continue to make audiences laugh around the world.

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