Thessaloniki, authentic and cosmopolitan

Thessaloniki White Tower

History, culture, gastronomy, fun, and entertainment. Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia and the most cosmopolitan city in the Balkans has it all: beauty, a colossal cultural footprint, exquisite cuisine, and a magnificent view of the sea.

Built a few metres above sea level and with a history spanning more than 23 centuries, Thessaloniki thunders its rich world through its monuments, transporting visitors from the Roman to the Byzantine period and from the years of the Ottoman period to the present day.


The Roman Agora, Navarinou Square with the Kamara and the Rotonda, as well as the Ottoman-era monuments in Venizelou and Louloudadika, the Vlatadon Monastery and the many Byzantine churches, confirm the city's journey through time and the intersection of influences.

They also open the visitor's eyes to the city's cosmopolitanism, constantly attracting travellers from Greece and the Balkans.

But there is also the most modern city, which one learns about by walking near the White Tower, the theme parks in Nea Paralia, and the fountains and sculptures, such as the famous "Umbrellas" by Zoggolopoulos.

Thessaloniki White Tower

As the dozens of museums and galleries declare, it is a city that respects creation in all its scope. It is a young city, with students giving the pulse of knowledge, search, and fun. Here, you will find music and theatre groups, nightclubs, and bars full of people and life.

However, the city also has a rich culinary tradition, resulting from its Christian, Jewish, and Muslim history and from natives and immigrants. This tradition can be found in delicacies such as bougatsa, the Thessaloniki koulouri, bougiourdi, Smyrna soutzoukakia, and, of course, desserts such as trigona panoramatos and kazan dipi.

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Thessaloniki is the ultimate urban destination and a starting point for places connected to the city's two faces: mountain and sea. The beautiful beaches of Halkidiki, on the one hand, and Olympus and Chortiatis, on the other, form two poles of attraction for nature lovers.

Kavourotrypes, Halkidiki

Vitality, tradition, entertainment, and unique tastes exist in the ancient and modern world. Thessaloniki is entitled to the characterisations attributed to it. It brings joy to the taste buds, history lovers, and beachgoers.

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