Anna Vissi Teases Olympiakos Players with Panathinaikos Anthem

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On Thursday, May 30th, several Olympiakos football players, including Retsos, Alexandropoulos, and aschalakis, celebrated their Conference League victory at a nightclub where Anna Vissi was performing.

The players brought the trophy onstage and celebrated with the singer. At one point, Vissi and her musicians played the anthem of Thira 7. Known for her support of the "greens," Vissi playfully teased the Olympiakos players by also playing the Panathinaikos anthem, drawing laughter from the crowd.

A little later, Alexandros Paschalakis took the stage, cup in hand. He addressed the crowd: "Friends, if I may have your attention. Not everyone here is an Olympiakos fan, but this cup is for all of Greece, and we should all enjoy it together. We brought it home to Greek soil."

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