The Eastern Peloponnese, unpretentious beauty

Kyparissi/Photo: Kostis Angelopoulos Eastern Peloponnese

Few destinations have the unpretentious beauty of the Eastern Peloponnese. Leonidio, the beach of Astros, the villages of Arcadia, and the shores of Laconia are places where quality time is spent thanks to the excellent climate, the products of the land, and, of course, thanks to people who have managed to develop their place for tourism with respect to what nature and previous generations bequeathed to them.

We had the opportunity to see all of this up close. Journalist Dimitris Stathopoulos and photographer Kostis Angelopoulos travelled on behalf of to Eastern Peloponnese and captured its beauty in tributes, hundreds of photos and the video you will enjoy below.'s mission included visits to important attractions and landmarks, such as the emblematic Tsikaliotis Tower in Leonidio, the Castle on the Beach of Astros and the wonderful Moustou Aquatic Park.

We had the opportunity to travel stunning routes by car, like the one that connects Leonidio in Arcadia with Kyparissi, the jewel village of Laconia.

There was no shortage of interesting experiences and acquaintances on this trip.

We had the opportunity to speak with a writer who keeps the ancient Tsakonian dialect alive. We made and tasted traditional gogges with an excellent cook. We rowed together with Giannis and Antonia, who left Athens and Canada, respectively, for Astros Kynourias. We saw the age-old olive tree in Koutroufa. We admired the local architecture with its cobbled courtyards, tiled porches, and painted ceilings.

And many more.

Above all, we got to know the hospitable people who make visitors feel at home from the very beginning of their trip to this side of the Peloponnese.

What is certain is that the experience of visiting the Eastern Peloponnese was worth every moment of it. As we approach summer, a repeat of it will become more and more appealing.

This article first appeared in Travel. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos

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