Archbishop of Australia Makarios Reopens Historic Holy Trinity Church in Sydney

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Sydney's historic Holy Trinity Church, the oldest Greek Orthodox church in the Antipodes and the Southern Hemisphere, has reopened its doors after extensive restoration and renovation work.

The reopening took place on Samaritan Sunday, June 2, in an atmosphere of great joy and emotion, as the faithful, led by their shepherd, His Eminence the Archbishop of Australia, Mr. Makarios, gathered to celebrate the Tyrannoixia Mass and the Divine Liturgy.

Concelebrating the liturgy were the Theophilist Bishops of Miletoupolis, Mr. Iakovos and Mr. Kyaneon, and Mr. Elpidius. Among the congregation were the Consul General of Greece in Sydney, Mr. Ioannis Mallikourtis, the Secretary of the Archdiocesan Council and Secretary of the Consolidated Trust of the Holy Archdiocese, Mr. Nikolaos Papanastasiou, and the leadership of the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, led by its President, Mr. Haris Danalis.

Archbishop Makarios expressed his great emotion upon returning to the historic church, recalling the many glorious and infamous moments associated with this sacred space. He emphasized the importance of unity, both within the Church and the Hellenic community, stressing that unity is not a given but a conquest that requires constant effort. He urged the faithful to move forward in the spirit of love and unity, for the glory of Christ, the faith, and the nation.

Mr. Danalis, in his remarks, spoke of a historic day for the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, recalling that the start of the reconstruction of the Holy Trinity Church in 1898 coincided with the founding of the Community and the beginning of its historical journey. He thanked the Archbishop for the excellent cooperation between them, expressing the hope that God would grant him long days on the throne of the Archdiocese of Australia to lead the Church with a spirit of love and unity.

The Consul General, Mr. Mallikourtis, also addressed the gathering, praising the unifying spirit of the Archbishop of Australia and expressing his joy that his tenure coincided with this climate of unity and solidarity within the community.

After the Divine Liturgy, an official feast was held, during which Archbishop Makarios congratulated and thanked the Priestly Head of the First Church, Fr. Thomas Yantzis, for his pleasant and ecclesiastical ministry and contribution.

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