Majority of Greeks Remain Staunch Supporters of European Union

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Athens, Greece - Despite a tumultuous decade of economic crises, the majority of Greeks continue to firmly back their country's membership in the European Union, recent surveys have shown.

According to the latest study by the DIANEOSIS research center, "the vast majority of Greeks (with some fluctuations during the bailout period) have a positive opinion of the EU." This positive sentiment has held steady over the past 10 years, with surveys consistently finding most Greeks in favor of EU membership.

"There is great recognition of the European Union and especially the benefits we are receiving," said Manos Papazoglou, Associate Professor of Politics at the University of the Peloponnese. "This is a consolation after the great period of crisis we have been through."

The findings suggest Greeks have largely shrugged off the Euroscepticism that has gained ground in other parts of Europe. "In Greece there is not the same Euroscepticism as in other countries. It is much lower and mainly focused on improving policy outcomes within the EU," Papazoglou noted.

However, the survey also revealed a concerning lack of trust in Greece's own political institutions and leaders. In fact, "most Greeks trust EU institutions more than national ones," according to Euronews.

DIANEOSIS research director Fay Makantasi pointed out that "four in ten Greeks aged 25 to 39 believe that our country does not have a strong democracy." This sentiment is reflected in the survey's finding that only around 36% of Greeks are confident the EU will exist in its current form in 10 years' time.

As Papazoglou put it, "The European Union has survived all of [the crises]. This message has mainly been conveyed to citizens who are convinced that the European Union exists and will remain with its difficulties and limitations." The challenge for Greece, it seems, is restoring faith in its own political system to match its steadfast support for the European project.

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