Drinking Coffee While Driving in Greece you will be fined

Mary Frappe

Coffee is the favorite drink of millions of Greeks, accompanying them in many activities during the day and, of course, in their travels.

However, there is one important issue that most people ignore or overlook: consuming coffee while driving (as is the case with soft drinks, food, etc.) is prohibited, based on the Road Traffic Code, as it can distract the driver's attention and endanger the safety of passengers and other road users.

Paragraph two (2) of Article 13 of the Road Traffic Code obliges drivers of vehicles to have full freedom of movement (i.e., their hands should be occupied only with the handling of the car) to perform the necessary actions smoothly in every situation.

Furthermore, Paragraph 2 of Article 13 states the following: "The driver must have, according to the relevant provisions, the prescribed driving license and the necessary physical and mental capacity and be in a suitable condition to drive, and must at the time of driving be able to control their vehicle or animals. The driver of each vehicle is required to have complete freedom of movement, in order to freely perform the necessary maneuvers. In particular, it is prohibited to use headphones on the move, which have been connected to a portable radio, tape recorders, and other similar audio devices, as well as a mobile phone that is not placed in a special position for hands-free listening."

If any of the above scenarios come to the attention of the Traffic Police, the offending driver is punished with an administrative fine of 100 euros and the on-the-spot removal of the driver's license for 30 days.

Source: newsauto.gr

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