Islamabad Admits Pak-occupied Kashmir is ‘Foreign Territory’ in High Court

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In a stunning admission before the Islamabad High Court, the Pakistani government has conceded its lack of jurisdiction over Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK). This rare acknowledgment surfaced during the harrowing case of Kashmiri poet and journalist, Ahmed Farhad Shah, who was forcefully snatched from his home by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies on May 15th.

The heart-wrenching ordeal of Farhad Shah, a vocal advocate for the rights of those living under Pakistan’s occupation, highlights a grim reality often swept under the rug of geopolitical tensions. His abduction not only exposes the brutal tactics employed by Pakistan’s intelligence machinery but also lays bare the convoluted web of deceit shrouding the Kashmir conflict.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, presiding over the case, rightfully demanded Farhad Shah’s presence in court, prompting Pakistan’s Additional Attorney General to divulge a startling truth – POK is indeed foreign territory, beyond Pakistan’s jurisdiction. This admission serves as a damning indictment of Pakistan’s illegal occupation and its duplicitous claims over Kashmir.

However, amidst this revelation, questions loom large. If POK is truly foreign territory, how does Pakistan justify its military and paramilitary presence within its borders? Justice Kayani’s piercing inquiry strikes at the heart of Pakistan’s duplicitous narrative, exposing the hypocrisy embedded within its policies.

The plight of Ahmed Farhad Shah underscores a broader pattern of human rights violations and suppression of dissent within POK. His activism for the marginalized voices of the region, coupled with his relentless critique of the Pakistani establishment, has made him a target of intimidation and coercion.

Moreover, Farhad Shah’s abduction epitomizes Pakistan’s blatant disregard for fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. The forced disappearance of individuals like him reflects a systemic failure to uphold basic human rights, tarnishing Pakistan’s claims of championing justice and democracy.

As the international community watches in silence, it falls upon us to amplify the voice of the oppressed. The people of POK deserve to be heard, their aspirations for freedom and self-determination respected. It’s time for Pakistan to be held accountable for its transgressions, to relinquish its illegal occupation, and pave the way for a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir conflict.

Ahmed Farhad Shah’s courageous stance against tyranny echoes the sentiments of countless others trapped in the quagmire of oppression. His plight serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for justice and accountability in Kashmir. It’s time to break the shackles of silence and stand in solidarity with those fighting for their rights, for Ahmed Farhad Shah, and for the promise of a better tomorrow.

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