Greek Instructor Arrives in Kyiv to Train Ukrainian Pilots on F-16s

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NoThe first Greek instructor has arrived in Kyiv to train Ukrainian forces on operating F-16 fighter jets, according to Greek news reports. These jets were provided free of charge to Ukraine by NATO member countries, marking a significant boost in Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst the ongoing conflict.

“Kyiv, Ukraine, now hosts the first flight officer from the Hellenic Air Force, serving as a trainer for Ukrainians in the operational use of F-16 fighter jets provided by various NATO member countries, according to exclusive information from Defense-Point,” the resource reported.

The presence of a Greek instructor, according to the authors, is part of the “F-16 coalition” initiative—an alliance of Western countries that retrain Ukrainian pilots and support personnel to fly F-16s. Greece joined this coalition following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Athens on August 21 last year. 

The Greek side has amassed considerable experience in using Western combat aircraft, particularly during conflicts with Turkey. Their expertise includes close air combat and the operational use of fighters in air-to-air missions, as noted in the Defense-Point publication.

First trained group

Multiple international sources, including those from Ukraine and China, have confirmed that the first group of Ukrainian F-16 pilots has successfully completed their training in the USA. Although the exact number of pilots trained remains undisclosed, the milestone marks a significant step forward. Details on similar training programs in Europe are still unclear. 

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