Citrus Blossom Glyko Tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweet)

Glyko Tou Koutaliou: Citrus blossoms spoon dessert

It is the season when orange trees give us their flowers with their special aroma.

What's more beautiful than carefully picking citrus blossoms from orange trees and turning them into incredible Glyko Tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweets)? They may need a little special treatment, but the result will be so tasty that it will reward us.

It is good to prepare the spoon sweets as soon as you collect the petals so that they are as lively and tender as possible.

citrus blossoms

Ingredients for a 250 g jar:

300 gr. citrus petals (ideally oranges)
300 g. white crystalline sugar
150 g. water
1/4 orange, zest and peel
1/4 lemon, zest and peel


Carefully and gently remove the petals, rinse them with cold water, and let them drain well. Weigh them, mix them with an equal amount of sugar, and leave them in the sugar for about half an hour so that they release liquid.

Gently rub the petals with the sugar until they start to become transparent. While the petals are initially dry, you will notice moisture in them. Transfer the petals and sugar to a small saucepan.

Add half the amount of water as long as they weigh the same.

Cut the orange and lemon into quarters and add the peel to the pot. Let the sugar melt at a low temperature, then reduce to a simmer about halfway through. You do not want a strong simmer so the sugar does not caramelise and darken the syrup.

Check the syrup with a thermometer until it reaches 102 degrees Celsius. If you don't have a cooking thermometer, test the syrup using the traditional method: pour tiny drops into a small saucer, and if it does not spread, it's ready.

Pour the dessert into a sterilised jar, seal well with the lid and turn it upside down until it cools.

Glyko Tou Koutaliou: Citrus blossoms spoon dessert

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