Greece Backs Biden's Plan for Gaza Ceasefire and Reconstruction


Greece has officially expressed its support for US President Joe Biden's plan for a ceasefire and reconstruction in Gaza. In a statement released by the Greek Foreign Ministry, the country endorsed Biden's comprehensive plan addressing the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.

"Greece fully supports US President Biden's plan for a ceasefire, release of all hostages, unimpeded humanitarian access, withdrawal of IDF soldiers, and reconstruction of Gaza," the Foreign Ministry stated in a tweet. "The humanitarian tragedy must stop now. The efforts of the international community should focus on the prospect of a lasting peace in the Middle East," the ministry added.


President Biden outlined his plan during a speech at the White House on May 31, urging Hamas to agree to a ceasefire. The plan consists of three phases: an initial ceasefire and partial hostage release, negotiations for an extended ceasefire and release of remaining hostages, and gradual settlements mediated by Qatar and Egypt. However, Biden's proposal faces challenges, particularly due to Israel's aim to eliminate Hamas and Hamas's demand for a permanent end to the war before releasing hostages.

Despite previous ceasefire proposals falling apart, Biden expressed optimism that the latest plan could pave the way for a better future for Gaza without Hamas in power, though he acknowledged the complexities involved in transitioning through the plan's phases. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has maintained that a permanent ceasefire will not be achieved until all of Israel's objectives are met.

(Source: To Vima)

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