Greece Establishes FBI-Like Agency to Combat Organised Crime


In a bid to strengthen public safety, the Greek government has announced the creation of a new crime-fighting agency similar to the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The announcement was made by Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis during a press conference at the New Democracy party’s election centre in Patras.

A presidential decree has been signed to establish the new agency, which is tasked with tackling hardened and organised crime, including drug trafficking, crime syndicates, and police brutality.

Chrysochoidis highlighted the initiative as a significant step in Greece's ongoing efforts to enhance public safety and address the challenges posed by organised crime networks. He noted the government's commitment to citizen safety and detailed the progress made since his reappointment five months ago.

"In a span of five months, we have witnessed significant developments, and there is now an evolution in the sense that we are making an effort to leave behind a series of pathologies of the past," he said.

The minister also commended Greece’s capability to host major sporting events, such as the Conference League final, calling it exemplary and a testament to the country’s organisational skills.

Addressing the issue of domestic violence, Chrysochoidis reported approximately 50 arrests per day and the establishment of 63 domestic violence offices nationwide to ensure the protection and safety of affected women and children. He also mentioned police efforts to be present at large youth gatherings to tackle youth violence and outlined plans to address organised gangs.

(Source: iefimerida)

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