Greece Unveils "mAiGreece": The New Digital Assistant for Tourists


Greece is set to enhance the experience of its visitors with the launch of "mAiGreece," a new digital assistant designed to serve as a personalized travel companion.

The innovative app, which will go live on June 10, 2024, was unveiled by Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni and Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou at the National Gallery.


"mAiGreece" leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide tourists with comprehensive and personalised information to enhance their stay in Greece. The app's user-friendly interface allows travellers to interact with it through natural language, either written or spoken.

Using geo-location technology, "mAiGreece" tailors its recommendations based on the user's current location. Visitors can create a profile indicating their interests, such as arts, beaches, and other categories, ensuring they receive information aligned with their preferences.


The app includes visual media to help users better understand information about Greece’s iconic sights and destinations. It offers detailed data on attractions, museums, archaeological sites, blue flag beaches, hospitals, health centers, police stations, and embassies, as well as content from

For safety, "mAiGreece" features an emergency function through a 112 button, which sends an SMS to the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection's operations centre with the user's geographic location.

Supporting 31 languages, including all 24 official EU languages as well as Albanian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Korean, "mAiGreece" ensures that tourists can explore Greece comfortably in their native language.

To facilitate its adoption, mobile phone providers will send incoming visitors an SMS with a link to download the app upon their arrival in Greece. "mAiGreece" will be available for free on mobile devices through the App Store and Play Store.

(Source: Kathimerini)

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