Health Alert in Magnesia: Salmonella Contamination Detected in Water Supply


A significant health alert has been issued in Magnesia after salmonella was detected in parts of the water supply network. Over 100 cases of gastroenteritis have been reported between May 24 and June 2, according to the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

The EODY clarified that the recent death of a 91-year-old woman in Volos is not linked to the gastroenteritis outbreak in Stefanovikio and Rizomylo, based on current epidemiological data.

Gastroenteritis Cases Surge

EODY reported that more than 100 cases of gastroenteritis have been recorded in health facilities, affecting individuals of all ages. Specifically, the Volos hospital admitted 34 patients (20 children and 14 adults) with symptoms of gastroenteritis between May 27 and June 3. Currently, 8 children and 3 adults are hospitalized, with one adult in the ICU due to a brain injury from a fall attributed to weakness from gastroenteritis.

Water Contamination Confirmed

On May 31, the Department of Health Control and Environmental Hygiene (TYEPY) of Magnesia, along with EODY, collected water samples from the affected areas for laboratory analysis. The tests confirmed a microbiological burden in samples from the regional network and reservoir, with specific findings of Salmonella in the tank and two additional network samples. Further testing is ongoing.

Health and Safety Directives Issued

EODY has recommended against using tap water for drinking or cooking and emphasised the importance of personal hygiene to prevent secondary transmission. If water use is necessary, it should be boiled at 100 degrees Celsius for at least three minutes.

Efforts to sanitise the water supply network are underway, including cleaning, disinfection, and superchlorination of boreholes and reservoirs. Daily checks will continue until water quality is fully restored.

Prosecutor’s Investigation

In response to the outbreak, a prosecutor has launched an investigation into the situation, aiming to determine the cause and prevent future occurrences.

The public is urged to adhere strictly to the health advisories to mitigate the spread of infection and safeguard community health.

(Source: Efsyn)

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