Exploring Greek Influences: Archibald Prize 2024 Finalists

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The Art Gallery of NSW's unveiling of the 2024 Archibald Prize finalists presents a captivating tableau that celebrates Greek culture and pays homage to the community's multifaceted talents.

From Eliza Bertwistle's portrayal of activist Chanel Contos to Whitney Duan's dynamic rendition of Jordan Gogos and Jill Ansell's artwork Pericles, each stroke of the brush captures the essence of Greek identity and creativity.

Amidst this vibrant showcase, Nick Stathopoulos' poignant portrait of renowned film critic David Stratton adds another layer of depth, showcasing the diverse narratives woven into Australian artistry. As the gallery doors open to this eclectic exhibition, viewers are invited to embark on a journey where every canvas tells a story of resilience, inspiration, and the enduring legacy of Greek influence in Australian art."

The Art Gallery of NSW recently unveiled the finalists for the 2024 Archibald Prize, featuring a diverse array of subjects and artists with Greek connections. Among them are:

  1. Chanel Contos (smiling feminist)
    • Artist: Eliza Bertwistle
    • Description: In her painting, Eliza Bertwistle, a first-time Archibald finalist and secondary teacher, portrays Greek Australian activist Chanel Contos. Bertwistle aims to capture Contos' vibrant personality and challenge traditional representations of women.
  2. Fluffy (Jordan Gogos)
    • Artist: Whitney Duan
    • Description: Whitney Duan, another first-time finalist, depicts multidisciplinary artist and designer Jordan Gogos. Duan finds inspiration in Gogos' unwavering identity as an artist, providing solace and guidance in her own creative process.
  3. Nick Stathopoulos
    • Artwork: 'The last picture show – portrait of David Stratton'
    • Description: Nick Stathopoulos, a veteran of the Archibald Prize, returns as a finalist with his portrait of renowned film critic David Stratton. Stathopoulos, known for his previous Archibald works, presents a smaller and more intimate portrayal of Stratton, capturing a moment of conversation and nostalgia.
  4. Jill Ansell
    • Artwork: 'Pericles: Just Scratching the Surface'
    • Description: Jill Ansell, representing WA for a second time as a 2024 Archibald Prize finalist, presents her portrait titled 'Pericles: Just Scratching the Surface,' an homage to the prolific WA artist Leon Pericles. Ansell's admiration for Pericles' etchings over the years culminates in this poignant portrayal, which stands among the 57 finalists in this year's prestigious Archibald Prize."
Pericles: just scratching the surface oil on board and assemblage in found tin

10.5 x 16 cm
Pericles: just scratching the surface oil on board and assemblage on a tin 10.5 x 16 cm
Eliza Bertwistle
Chanel Contos (smiling feminist)
oil on board

165 x 122.1 cm
Eliza BertwistleChanel Contos (smiling feminist) oil on board 165 x 122.1 cm
Nick Stathopoulos
The last picture show – portrait of David Stratton
Nick Stathopoulos The last picture show – portrait of David Stratton
Jordan Gogos is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Best known for his fashion label Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, he creates ‘wearables for the imaginative’, in a style that has been described as ‘chaos with an underlying logic’.
Whitney DuanFluffy (Jordan Gogos) oil, oil pastel and synthetic polymer paint on canvas 120.7 x 91 cm
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