Stefanos Kasselakis' "Pura Vita" Café in Spetses: A Social Media Stir

Tyler Macbeth at the "Pura Vita" store, by Stefanos Kasselakis, in Spetses / Photos: Google reviews Πηγή: - Kasselakis owns a coffee shop in Spetses and evaluates it on Google: "I highly recommend it" - Party on social media -

Kasselakis owns a café in Spetses, which has garnered positive reviews on Google. This establishment, known as "Pura Vita," is a healthy food restaurant in Spetses, founded in May 2023, with Kasselakis owning 75% of it.

Following the announcement of this business by the President of Syriza, social media was abuzz with comments and reactions. Even visiting the company's Google page reveals various positive reviews, including one from a user named Stilianos Kasselakis, another from Susan Kasselakis, and even from Stefanos Kasselakis himself, all praising the establishment.

One review, posted by an account named "Stefanos Kasselakis" ten months ago, particularly lauded the store's healthy options. It recommended the salmon quinoa salad and açaí bowls and praised the to-go cocktails as perfect for boating or beach days.

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In fact, if one goes to the company page on Google, one can find in the reviews various positive reviews from an account called Stilianos Kasselakis, from Susan Kasselakis, also… from Stefanos Kasselakis himself (in English).

Additionally, user reviews have been accompanied by photos, including one featuring Tyler Macbeth at the store's bar. However, despite the President of Syriza presenting assets, social media users seem unconvinced.

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