Turks outraged by State TV showing woman's cleavage 


State television even apologised for showing the image of the woman's cleavage.

The display of a woman's cleavage at a volleyball match caused outrage in Turkey.

In fact, Turkish state television even apologised and stated that it is not to blame and that the image has nothing to do with its politics or social views.

"But something happened during a live broadcast, and Turkey's state television went and made an announcement. Did a woman's breasts cause the outrage? The state television made an announcement from its official website," said reporter Manolis Kostidis on Skai.

Ertuğrul Özkök, a renowned Turkish journalist, slammed the viewing of the woman's cleavage and did not accept the television channel's apology.

"I'm sorry, we are ashamed of your apology. I think that with this strange apology you posted, you have written your name in a great place in the history of global broadcasting," he said, among other things.

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