Acro Suites: The ultimate culinary experience in the most spectacular hotel in Crete

Acro Suites Crete

This summer, Acro Suites—a Wellbeing Resort—will invite great chefs from abroad to enhance guests' experiences.

Having invited world-renowned executive chefs to present a series of culinary experiences throughout the summer, the Acro Suites restaurants, Cremnos, Oceano, and Umi, have prepared eight-course menus in a harmony of flavours that highlight Cretan products.

Acro Suites
Cremnos Restaurant
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Oceano Restaurant
Umi Restaurant
Umi Restaurant

With a firm focus on sustainability, the chefs' innovative culinary practices are combined with exceptional presentation. The taste and visual results are so impressive that it is no exaggeration to say that they are redefining the concept of luxury dining.

Michael Gahleitner

Cremnos Restaurant, 07 June
Oceano Restaurant, 08 June

Michael Gahleitner

The chef comes from Bremen with ten years of experience and has, already at the age of 35, left an impression at the Savoy in London and the Fortress Hohensalzburg restaurant.

He also shone as a manager in the kitchens of the Romantik Hotel Gmachl and the Atelier in Hellbrunn Palace.

At the Hotel Sacher in Salzburg, Gahleitner runs the Zirbelzimmer restaurant, is involved at the Salzachgrill, and presents delicate dishes in the Café Sacher and Sacher Bar.

He and his team create unique versions of classic dishes while respecting tradition.

Gerardo Metta

Cremnos Restaurant, June 21
Oceano Restaurant, June 22

Gerardo Metta

He began his odyssey at 19, graduating from the Einaudi Institute in Canosa, Italy.

Later, in 2014, he travelled to Brussels and perfected his craft at Da Mimmo before arriving at the famous Sea Grill, where he flourished as a consultant chef and was awarded two Michelin stars at the restaurant.

In 2022, Gerardo's journey brought him to Switzerland, where he managed to win another star for La Dispensa, the only one in the canton of Neuchatel.

Kosuke Nabeta

Cremnos Restaurant, July 5th
Umi Restaurant, July 6th

Kosuke Nabeta

Maestro Kosuke Nabeta, from Kagoshima, Japan, switched from music to gastronomy at the age of 17 and apprenticed with the great Hosoya. He specialises in European cuisine and is well-known in Italy and France.

In 2018, he played a pivotal role in the birth of the Parisian ERH. Since then, he has run the restaurant Sola, serving an amazing seven-course menu in his own ceramic dishes!

Join him in a symphony where flavours and creativity meet passion on July 5th at Cremnos and July 6th at Umi Restaurant.

Christopher Sørensen

Cremnos Restaurant, July 17
Oceano Restaurant, July 18

Christoffer Sørensen

The dynamic head chef and STUDIO co-owner has collaborated with Dragsholm Slot since 2021. Despite his young age, he presents extremely mature dishes with absolute taste balance, technical perfection, and excellent textures.

His philosophy is based on local products, which he successfully proved for nine years at Dragsholm Slot. His expertise in wild herbs and fermentation techniques helped him win the Michelin "Young Chef Award" for 2021 in just four months.

A brave dose of his secrets will be served on July 17th at Cremnos and on the 18th at Oceano.

Federico Campolattano

Cremnos Restaurant, August 2
Oceano Restaurant, August 3

Federico Campolattano

Having already gathered a wealth of experience from various Italian companies, the Italian visionary, born in Naples in 1984, presents an extraordinary amalgam of culinary art and other forms of expression as he collaborates with actors, psychologists, painters, and sculptors in a truly innovative way.

In 2013, he published the "Taste of Imagination," presenting his culinary philosophy. He has also won his own Michelin star. He now works with the Italian Culinary Academy and is making a strong mark thanks to his initiative in food education.

Thierry Méchinaud

Cremnos Restaurant, August 18
Oceano Restaurant, August 19

Thierry Méchinaud

The 49-year-old Lorraine-born chef discovered his passion for cooking at a very young age, experimenting in his parents' boulangerie.

Having been taught the virtue of discipline at Le Dagobert restaurant in Doué-la-Fontaine, he kept Chef Sorin's secrets and then travelled to Paris, where he received important apprenticeships in prestigious restaurants.

His passion and dedication to creativity have allowed him to set new limits in gastronomy and earned him three full Michelin stars, some of which will shine in Cremnos on the 18th and Oceano on the 19th of August.

Acro Suites – A Wellbeing Resort, Mononavtis, Agia Pelagia, Crete

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