Plakes: A beach in Astypalaia with calm waters and perfect for relaxation

Plakes Astypalaia

Astypalaia—located in the Dodecanese but architecturally resembling the Cyclades—is an island that leaves you wanting to go back again and again. One reason is its countryside, perhaps the most beautiful in the Aegean. Another reason is its beaches. There, the waters are crystal clear and calm, ideal for those who love swimming. One of these beaches is Plakes.

Plakes is about 10 kilometres from Astypalaia's capital, Chora, and is a stone's throw from Maltezana (Analipsi), the second-largest settlement on the island. Its additional advantage is easy access: you can also get there by public transport.

To get to the beach, you will follow a downhill path that starts at the bus stop. Maybe the image of the descent looks challenging, but, in reality, it is much easier than it seems. However, it is good to wear sports shoes.

Plakes is a closed bay with clear blue waters and pebbles. Next to it are the rock formations that have given their names to the beach. The waters here deepen relatively quickly, while the truly special point of the beach is its wonderful seabed.

If you bring goggles or a mask with you, you can confirm this. You will undoubtedly see many people doing the same.

Plakes Astypalaia

Astypalaia is an island that is exposed to the moods of the summer wind, especially in August. Thanks to its geographical position, Plakes is relatively unaffected by this.

The beach is very small in size, which means that, especially in the high season, you have to come here quite early if you want to find a place.

As on other island beaches, the sun begins to set relatively early in the afternoon, after 18:00, so you won't need an umbrella or sunscreen at this time. This feature makes Plakes an excellent choice for an afternoon swim. Plakes Astypalaia

Also, there is no canteen (on such a small beach there is no need for a beach bar and sunbeds), so bringing supplies, at least water, is a good idea.

However, the little effort required to reach the beach is definitely compensated with a wonderful swim in its beautiful waters.

Some tips and information for your holidays in Astypalaia


The main town of Astypalaia is the most beautiful of the Aegean. In addition to the charm of the walk inside the settlement, it offers amazing photographic snapshots when you move on the island's road network.

The countryside suffers from strong winds, especially in August. A summer jacket is necessary in the evening hours, even during a period with very high temperatures.

Most of the beaches in Astypalaia are in such a geographical position that the sun does not see them in the early afternoon, and this means that, at that time, you can visit them even without an umbrella.


Certainly, one day of your stay on the island is worth dedicating for a trip with a tourist boat to the uninhabited islands of Koutsomyti and Kounoupi and the beaches of Astypalaia, which are not easy to reach by car.

Most of Astypalaia's beaches, although beautiful, are not the easiest to reach, if what you are looking for is sand. The most organised beach is in Livadi and has shops.

Very close to Plakes, about 1 kilometre, is Maltezana, where access is easy, it has good seafood restaurants and is suitable for families.

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