Rhodes Beach Bar Ordered to Remove Sunbeds from Sea Amidst Legal Controversy

Rhodes Beach Bar Structures in the water

Authorities on Rhodes have taken decisive action, ordering the demolition of illegal constructions in the sea and imposing fines on a beach bar in Agia Marina. This comes after last year's controversy, where footage emerged of waiters wading through water to serve customers.

The raid, conducted by teams from the Land Office, Finance Ministry, and Port Authority, uncovered 19 metal structures with sunbeds in the sea. This inspection followed renewed reports of waiters operating in the water.

This isn't the first violation by the same beach bar; a similar incident occurred last year, prompting immediate demolition orders. However, the bar was later destroyed by wildfires in July 2023. Despite this, the owner seemingly resumed operations without addressing past legal issues.

Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis emphasized the government's commitment to enforcing coastal regulations, warning that illegal activities will face consequences.

The Greek government's "MyCoast" app, launched in April, has received over 1,900 complaints about beach and coastal law violations, with the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Halkidiki regions topping the list of grievances.

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