Summer Loving: 2024/25’s Trending Honeymoon Destinations

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Travel experts at CV Villas have revealed the trending honeymoon destinations for 2024/25. Lefkada in Greece emerges as the hottest place to celebrate married life, with a remarkable 120% increase in global Google searches year-on-year. Joining Lefkada in the top five trending locations are Split in Croatia, Slovenia’s Lake Bled, Madeira in Portugal, and Marseille in France.

Greece dominates the list with seven destinations featuring in the top 20, showcasing its enduring appeal as a honeymoon destination. With wedding season in full swing, the villa specialists at CV Villas have analyzed global Google searches from the past year to identify where newlyweds are most eager to jet off to on the continent.

With nearly 3 million searches made in the past year for European honeymoons, it's evident that the continent offers a plethora of options for couples in love. The top trending destination for 2024/25, Lefkada, boasts stunning landscapes and sparkling blue waters against the backdrop of the iconic white cliffs of Cape Lefkada.

Split in Croatia takes the second spot, experiencing a 110% rise in searches. Bled in Slovenia follows closely in third place, renowned for its picturesque Lake Bled and medieval castle. Madeira in Portugal and Marseille in France complete the top five, each offering unique charms and romantic experiences for newlyweds.

Top Trending European Honeymoon Destinations

RankDestination12 Month Change (%)
1Lefkada - Greece120%
2Split - Croatia110%
3Bled - Slovenia100%
4Madeira - Portugal85%
5Marseille - France80%
6Ischia - Italy67%
7Naxos - Greece57%
8Dolomites - Italy55%
9Antalya - Turkey53%
10Hvar - Croatia52%
11Palma - Spain (Palma de Mallorca)51%
12Ios - Greece50%
13Mykonos - Greece49%
14Skiathos - Greece33%
15Kefalonia - Greece30%
16Marbella - Spain29%
17Menorca - Spain28%
18Taormina - Italy27%
=19Milos - Greece26%
=19Dubrovnik - Croatia26%
21Capri - Italy24%

Greece emerges as a standout destination, with Naxos, Ios, Mykonos, Skiathos, Kefalonia, and Milos joining Lefkada in the rankings. From idyllic beaches to charming villages and historic sites, Greece offers a diverse range of experiences for honeymooners, making it an increasingly popular choice for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Overall, the top trending honeymoon destinations for 2024/25 promise unforgettable experiences and cherished memories for couples embarking on this special journey together.

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