Michael Mosley Missing His Final Tweet Emerges Before Disappearance

Health guru Dr Michael Mosley has gone missing on island in Greece (Image: Instagram )

TV doctor Michael Mosley, renowned for his health expertise and television appearances, has gone missing while holidaying on a Greek island. The 67-year-old health expert, known for his roles on This Morning and The One Show, is feared to have encountered trouble while hiking along St Nicholas Beach on Symi.

His disappearance sparked concern when he failed to return from a coastal walk, leaving his phone behind. Senior Greek police spokesperson Constantina Dimoglidou confirmed that search efforts commenced on June 6th.

Witnesses placed him in Pedie, near a bus stop, but since then, there have been no traces of his whereabouts. Personnel from the Police, Coast Guard, and Fire Brigade, along with volunteers, are participating in the ongoing search efforts, while a specially trained dog has been deployed to the island. The search teams are using drones to comb the entire area where the presenter was last seen before his disappearance.

"He might have slipped, tripped, fallen, or even been bitten by a snake, remaining injured somewhere. But there is simply no trace of him. None whatsoever, which means that for us at least, every possible scenario is open and being investigated," said Constantina Dimoglidou, a spokesperson for the Hellenic Police, in statements to British media. "Information suggests he returned from St. Nicholas Beach, walked the path which takes 10-15 minutes, and reached Pedie, a residential area," noted Symi Mayor Lefteris Papakalodoukas, estimating that there is no point in the disappearance area where a fall from a height could have occurred.

In a poignant turn of events, Dr Mosley's final tweet emerged two weeks prior, revealing a light-hearted interaction with fans. Humorously engaging with his followers, he joked about his impersonation on television and expressed delight at the positive impact of his health advice on one listener's experience with cold showers.

Prior to his disappearance, Dr. Mosley had been vacationing with his wife Clare, following the conclusion of their national tour titled "Eat (Better), Sleep (Well), Live (Longer)." As search operations intensify, concerns for his safety continue to mount, with hopes for his swift and safe return dominating the ongoing efforts.

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