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In an exciting collaboration, The Wiggles, renowned children's entertainers, have partnered with South Australia's Hellenic Studies Foundation to introduce "Learning Greek with Lucia," an educational program designed for early learners and primary school children.

Led by Anthony Wiggle and his daughter Lucia, this initiative aims to inspire a new generation of Greek language learners, both in Australia and beyond.

Wiggles sceneFounded in 2005, the Hellenic Studies Foundation actively promotes Greek language and culture through various educational initiatives, focusing on enhancing language proficiency and deepening cultural connections to Greece's rich heritage.

The partnership with The Wiggles signifies a transformative approach to language learning, blending cultural immersion with entertaining content tailored for young audiences. "Learning Greek with Lucia" offers a range of engaging activities, including catchy songs and interactive experiences, crafted to ignite a passion for language acquisition.

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Greg Crafter, Chairman of The Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with The Wiggles to introduce children to the beauty of the Greek language. Through 'Learning Greek with Lucia,' we aim to inspire a lifelong love for language learning and foster a deeper appreciation for Greek culture."

Anthony Field of The Wiggles echoed Crafter's sentiments, expressing honour in being part of such a meaningful initiative. The project has received significant support from the South Australian Government, further underscoring its importance in enhancing language education nationwide.

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The official launch event of "Learning Greek with Lucia" took place on June 7th, 2024, with Minister Tom Koutsantonis premiering the program. This initiative marks the beginning of a promising partnership between The Foundation and The Wiggles, aimed at providing accessible language learning resources to communities worldwide.

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