Coldplay planted trees before their concert in Athens - See images


The band has committed to planting a tree for every ticket sold.

The first big night for Coldplay fans has arrived. Tonight is their maiden concert in Athens.  The concert will be full of messages of love and for the protection of the planet. Part of the proceeds will go to cleaning the oceans and other actions to help the environment.

A few hours before their concert at the Olympic Stadium, Coldplay planted trees in the neighbourhood of Vrilissia, as they do in every destination they visit.

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Over the past year, they've been making efforts to make their 'Music of the Spheres World Tour' more sustainable, and according to Billboard, the results are rewarding. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint by almost 50% since their previous tour, the band has planted 5 million trees on their worldwide concert travels.

The band has committed to planting a tree for every ticket sold on the tour and reducing carbon emissions by 50% compared to the 2016-2017 'Head Full of Dreams Tour'.

Coldplay has also encouraged its fans to prioritise protecting the environment when attending concerts.

The band offers exercise bikes and kinetic dance floors that allow fans to help energise the stage. It has also suggested that audience members use alternative transportation and bring their own refillable water bottles to concerts.

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