NATO Prepares Land Corridors for Potential War with Russia

Nato Parachute Drop

Fearing a wider European conflict, NATO is reportedly establishing "land corridors" to expedite the deployment of US and Allied troops to potential front lines. This move comes after NATO leaders warned about the possibility of war with Russia within the next two decades.

The plan involved designated ports in various European nations where US troops would disembark and establish routes for their swift movement eastward. Landing points under consideration include ports in the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and the Balkan region. The pre-determined routes would then snake through countries like Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania.

NATO Prepares Land Corridors for Potential War with Russia 1

These actions come amidst heightened tensions as Russia continues its war in Ukraine, and President Putin recently made veiled threats regarding the use of nuclear weapons if Russia's authority is challenged.

Sources: Reuters, The Telegraph

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