Symi: Fears Grow for Missing British TV Doctor Michael Mosley

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Symi, Greece - The search for missing British journalist and TV doctor Michael Mosley, 68, enters its third day on the Greek island of Symi, as anxieties heighten and the investigation focuses on a potentially treacherous coastal path.

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Symi: Fears Grow for Missing British TV Doctor Michael Mosley 1

Mosley, known for his work on BBC programs like "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor," vanished on Monday. He was last seen leaving his accommodation in the coastal town of Pedi. Security footage indicates he intended to hike to Agia Marina, a route considered difficult and dangerous.

"It's a difficult path, very dangerous," reported ERTnews correspondent Aristides Miaoulis. "However, according to information, Mosley had a map with the route marked."

Rescue teams, including firefighters, coast guard personnel, police, volunteers, and specially trained dogs, are meticulously combing the area. Drones are also being deployed to aid in the search.

Hopes were raised when a specially trained police dog reportedly detected a scent, but these leads have not yet yielded results.

Symi: Fears Grow for Missing British TV Doctor Michael Mosley 2

"I believe that today the whole problem will end and we will find the man," stated Symi Mayor Lefteris Papakalodoukas. "We are desperately searching. It is a huge anxiety that we are all experiencing."

Adding to the urgency, all four of Mosley's children have arrived on Symi to assist in the search efforts. They are reportedly prepared to retrace their father's possible route.

Symi: Fears Grow for Missing British TV Doctor Michael Mosley 3

Britain Watches with Bated Breath

The disappearance of the popular TV doctor has captivated the UK, with major news outlets like the BBC, Sky News, The Times, and The Telegraph providing extensive coverage.

The Foreign Office has confirmed they are "supporting the family of the British man who went missing and is in contact with local authorities."

Who is Michael Mosley?

A qualified doctor turned award-winning science journalist, Mosley has dedicated the last 25 years to making documentaries and writing books on health, nutrition, and exercise. He is a familiar face on British television, presenting programs for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

His insightful explorations into various health topics, from the impact of sugar to the benefits of high-intensity exercise, have earned him both critical acclaim and a loyal following.

As the search for Michael Mosley continues, the thoughts and prayers of many are with him and his family.

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