Symi: Photo from Security Camera Suggests British Presenter Crossed Dangerous Path

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Operations to locate the British presenter, Michael Mosley, in Symi continue as he has been missing for two days.

A significant piece of evidence that has emerged is a photo from the security cameras, depicting the 67-year-old presenter in an urban environment. CCTV footage seems to show Mosley on the city's main street, holding an umbrella approximately 20 minutes later. It is believed that he had already crossed the path and was on a main road in the village of Pedi.

The search operation is being aided by drones flying over hard-to-reach areas, as well as a specially trained police sniffer dog.

What We Know So Far

According to the information revealed so far, Mosley left his wife, Claire, at the beach last Wednesday and set off on a solo walk towards the center of the island.

His phone was found at the location where he and his wife were staying. His wife reported him missing, a police spokesman told BBC News. There are currently no clues as to what might have happened, and Mosley did not have his mobile phone with him, complicating efforts to trace him.

The disappearance of the British presenter has garnered significant interest from the British media. Mosley is known for his BBC programmes, including "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" and "The One Show," as well as ITV's "This Morning."

According to a report by ERT, orders and instructions have been issued to individuals on boats in the wider area—whether they are on local routes or just passing through—to remain especially vigilant.

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