Europa Nostra 2024: Greek Initiative 'Boulouki' Secures European Heritage Award

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A prestigious accolade was bestowed upon a Greek non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional Greek architecture as "Europa Nostra," Europe’s top heritage awards, announced its 2024 winners. Among them is "Boulouki," meaning "a group of people" in Greek, honoured in the "Education, Training & Skills" category for its exemplary project on the Santorini Archipelago.

Boulouki stands out as a versatile collective comprising architects, engineers, and heritage professionals. Since its establishment in 2018, it has been committed to revitalizing traditional craftsmanship while promoting contemporary construction practices rooted in traditional knowledge and techniques.

Restoration of a traditional pathway

Their acclaimed project, "Under the Landscape," launched in 2021, focuses on restoring a cobblestone pathway and two underground rainwater cisterns on Santorini. These elements are integral to the island's vernacular architecture and cultural landscape and embody the Cycladic spirit.

The jury praised Boulouki's efforts, citing its significant social, environmental, and economic impact. By championing social integration, utilizing local materials, and safeguarding both built and natural landscapes, Boulouki showcases a profound commitment to preserving Greece's architectural heritage.

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Europa Nostra 2024: Greek Initiative 'Boulouki' Secures European Heritage Award 1

In a bid to share their expertise, Boulouki is currently developing the first centre for research and training on heritage-building skills in Epirus. Housed in a former school building provided by local authorities, this initiative underscores Boulouki's dedication to nurturing traditional craftsmanship and fostering sustainable building practices.

Europa Nostra 2024: Greek Initiative 'Boulouki' Secures European Heritage Award 2

The European Heritage Awards, presented by Europa Nostra, celebrate outstanding achievements in the field of cultural heritage. The ceremony for the 2024 awards will be held during the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Bucharest, taking place on October 6–8. Co-funded by the European Union, the summit is organized by Europa Nostra in collaboration with heritage organizations and partners in Romania.

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