Forget Mykonos: These Greek Islands Offer True Relaxation (The Times Agrees)


The 16 Most Relaxing Greek Islands, According to The Times

"Greece is full of enchanting places for peaceful moments and hikes. From the hypnotic Cycladic gems to the untamed corners of the Ionian, this summer promises unforgettable experiences on these 16 recommended Greek islands that offer respite from the hustle and bustle," states The Times in its annual list of unconventional Greek destinations.

The top three spots are claimed by beautiful Aegina, Astypalaia with its unexpected discoveries, and mythical Lipsi. Following closely are Andros, celebrated for its authenticity, Folegandros with its breathtaking sunsets, volcanic Nisyros, Syros, steeped in civilization, and Meganisi, perfect for tranquil getaways.

Rounding out the list is Alonissos with its stunning marine park, Agistri offering a blend of city and sea, Milos with its otherworldly landscapes, Patmos boasting impressive beaches, Kythira known for its wild beauty, Kastellorizo at the edge of Greece, romantic Serifos, and "delicious" Sifnos, home to a gastronomy festival every September.

Representatives of the featured destinations shared their optimism for this season:

  • Fotis Maggos, Mayor of Lipsi: "This tourist year is predicted to see a high volume of foreign visitors. According to a major booking platform, Lipsi ranks sixth among the top vacation trends for Greeks. Our commitment to developing and promoting a sustainable destination that preserves its natural environment aligns perfectly with the values of our time."
  • Diogenis Theodorou, President of the Tourism Committee of Alonissos: "Alonissos is becoming a magnet for those seeking activity, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Quality services at reasonable prices, local cuisine, beautiful exotic beaches, diving, nature exploration, and excursions to the marine park are our "passport" to a place on the map of international non-mass destinations. This year's accolades from popular foreign media demonstrate Alonissos' appeal to both new and established markets seeking something special in 2024."
  • Kostas Kambylis, Deputy Mayor of Astypalaia: "Astypalaia embodies sustainability, tradition, and nature. We are creating and promoting a new destination model where visitors can enjoy turquoise waters, enchanting villages, historical monuments, and warm hospitality with modern sustainable practices. This combination is attracting tourists from Europe, America, and many other distant countries."
  • Nikos Moustakas, Acting Municipal Councilor for Tourism of Andros: "Andros possesses qualities that make it an oasis of authenticity near Athens without the high price tag. The continuous interplay of mountainous landscapes and pristine beaches, the gastronomy, and the variety of villages, monasteries, and trails offer a different perspective on the Cyclades. Visitation has increased outside of peak season, a trend we aim to maintain."
  • Yiannis Rafeletos, Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Sifnos: "The outlook for the tourist season in Sifnos is positive. Gastronomy, along with pottery, nature, hiking trails, boat trips, and traditions, make up the DNA of our destination. We prioritize cultural, sporting, and culinary initiatives that contribute to extending the tourist season, such as the Nikolaos Tselementes Cycladic Gastronomy Festival."
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