Porto Timoni: The double beach of Corfu with blue waters and an exotic atmosphere

Porto Timoni, Corfu

It remains relatively unexplored and has difficult land access, but it is said to be the shore where Odysseus met Nausicaa.

Few tourist destinations in Greece have the international reputation that accompanies Corfu. In fact, the island's fame even predates the great tourism development of other islands by several decades and attracts massive crowds of visitors every summer.

Corfu is a large island (592 sq. km.) and, therefore, has many hidden secrets for tourists to discover.

Porto Timoni, Corfu

One such secret is Timoni, a double beach in the northwestern part of the island that few people know about, even though internet publications have made it somewhat more well-known recently.

The beach where Odysseus met Nausicaa

Many consider Corfu the "island of the Phaeacians" described by Homer in the Odyssey. Over the years, various locations have been linked to Odysseus' arrival in the territory of Alcinous and Nausicaa.

Porto Timoni is among them, as some believe it is here where the sea-sick king of Ithaca first met the latter.

Porto Timoni, Corfu

The beach is characterised by the isolated headland on which it has been formed. No car can reach it.

The locals will tell you that only the right beach is normally called Porto Timoni, as the left one is called Limni—indeed, they distinguish them, saying that the waters in Porto Timoni tend to be darker, while in Limni they are azure, with some emerald hues in the shallows.

Details are somewhat minor, of course, because, in any case, the sea here is crystal clear and wonderful, having all the elements that characterise the Ionian Sea. So, your swim will be in crystal clear waters.

You will also find several caves—one is a sea cave with an easily discernible entrance.

Porto Timoni, Corfu

The area's inaccessibility makes Porto Timoni an unorganised beach: you will need to carry an umbrella, a mat, plenty of cold water, and anything else you deem necessary for your stay there.

Good sports shoes are recommended for those who come on foot; do not forget that the return will be uphill. However, it is worth staying until the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset, as it is particularly idyllic.

How to get to Porto Timoni

Porto Timoni, Corfu

Porto Timoni beach falls under the territory of the village of Afionas, which is at an altitude of 133 meters. It is 37 kilometres from Corfu and has its own beauty, thanks to its traditional identity, colourful houses and old mansions.

As mentioned above, Porto Timoni is not accessible by car. Arriving in Afionas, you should park your car there and walk to the beach, following the path that starts from the village. The route will take around 20 minutes and is very beautiful—in the greenery, with an amazing view.

In addition, you will see the ruins of medieval fortifications built to withstand pirate raids. Some spots get quite a bit of sun, so make sure you start early and have a hat, sunglasses, and water.

An easier way to get to Porto Timoni is by sea. Boats operate from the long beach of Agios Georgios toni Pago, which includes the entire bay south of Porto Timoni.

Hari Simvolidi is a columnist for Travel. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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