British TV Presenter Dr Michael Mosley had tragically collapsed to his death metres away from beach resort

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British TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley nearly reached safety before collapsing on rocky terrain on the Greek Island of Symi, according to UK media reports. The 67-year-old was on holiday, embarking on a popular walk from Saint Nikolas Beach to Symi town, when he went missing last week.

British TV Presenter Dr Michael Mosley had tragically collapsed to his death metres away from beach resort 1

Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, his wife, shared in a statement that Michael had taken a wrong route during the hike and collapsed in an area not easily visible. The UK's Sun newspaper reported that CCTV footage captured Mosley falling around 100 meters from Agia Marina's shoreline and beach resort. The grainy video shows him heading towards a wall and a barbed wire fence before suddenly collapsing.

It remains unclear whether Mosley collapsed spontaneously or fell after hiking for over two hours in intense heat, as he was not on a designated pathway. Earlier CCTV footage from Pedi, a town roughly midway through his planned route, showed Mosley carrying an umbrella to shield himself from the harsh sun. It is believed he took a wrong turn when leaving Pedi.

Known as a health guru in Britain, Mosley frequently appeared on TV and radio and wrote a column for the Daily Mail. International recognition came from his 2013 book "The Fast Diet," co-authored with journalist Mimi Spencer, which advocated the "5:2 diet" — reducing calorie intake for two days a week while eating normally on the other five.

His body was discovered yesterday on the rocky coast by a private boat, with formal identification still pending.

Just yards from holidaymakers, Dr Moseley’s body was found behind the fence that separates the resort from the barren undergrowth of the Greek Island.

Cameraman Antonios was on the boat from which the body had first been spotted.

It was around 50 metres from the Agia Marina near an area known as The Abyss, a water-filled “bottomless” cave and a network of tunnels.

The camera crew on the boat were 300 metres from the shore when they first spotted Dr Moseley.

“When we went up to Agia Marina beach, I noticed outside of the fence at the end of the beach something black. I wasn’t sure so I took a close-up with the camera as far as I could zoom, it was about 300m away.

British TV Presenter Dr Michael Mosley had tragically collapsed to his death metres away from beach resort 2

“I saw something and I wasn’t sure... We went a little bit closer, about 200m...”

Antonios choked up as he added: “The description is exactly as the guy we are looking for. I’m really sorry for the family. I’m sorry that I’m the one who found him. I wish we had better news.”

“It was a rocky place with sharp rocks,” he said. “My guess is that he got dizzy, he sat down to relax and he fainted. That’s my guess.”

In a heartfelt tribute, his wife said, "Michael was an adventurous man; it was part of what made him so special. It's devastating to have lost Michael, my wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant husband. We had an incredibly lucky life together, filled with love and happiness."

She thanked the people of Symi, who conducted a search and rescue operation that began on Wednesday. "The island's residents, some of whom had never heard of Michael, worked tirelessly from dawn till dusk without being asked," she said. "My family and I have found great comfort in the global outpouring of love for Michael. It's clear he meant a great deal to many people."

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