Electricity prices in Greece are below the EU average

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The "green" tariffs for June are lower than those for January.

In May, electricity prices in Greece were lower than the EU average in absolute prices and purchasing power units. June tariffs are up on the previous month, but most suppliers' offers remain lower than in January.

According to the monthly HEPI survey of retail electricity prices in European countries conducted by the energy regulatory authorities of Austria and Hungary and the company Vaasa ETT, the average price of electricity in May in Greece, including taxes, was 19.63 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 23.93 cents, the average in the EU.

In purchasing power units, i.e. after taking into account the difference in incomes, the price in Greece is 23.77 cents compared to 25.69 cents in the EU.

Furthermore, according to the Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority figures, the June "green" tariffs for most providers (including PPC, the largest supplier) are lower than those of January when the implementation of colour differences began.

However, some suppliers made significant increases, which means that consumers - as the Minister of Environment and Energy Theodoros Skylakakis mentioned - have every reason to examine the alternative options and choose the most advantageous proposal for them.

All electricity invoices are presented together on the RAEA website, while it is recalled that the change of supplier for both "green" and yellow invoices is free of charge.

The recent price rise is attributed to the increase in demand due to higher temperatures—which implies a reduction in the participation of RES in covering the load—and also to the rise in international natural gas prices, a combination that is estimated to be able to maintain upward pressures at least during the summer.

The possibility of Russian Gazprom cutting off supplies to Austria to implement a relevant court decision has raised concerns in the European and international natural gas markets.

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