Coast Guard Rescues 18 Undocumented Migrants near Symi Island

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The Coast Guard has announced the successful location and rescue of 18 undocumented migrants (15 men, one woman, and two minors) near the island of Symi.

The migrants were aboard a speedboat intercepted by authorities on Sunday.

A Coast Guard patrol boat spotted the speedboat northwest of the islet of Nimos, close to Symi. The vessel approached the shore and ran aground in a rocky area, prompting the passengers to disembark and flee. Coast Guard officers conducted a search and successfully located and rescued the 18 migrants, who were then safely transferred to the port of Symi.

According to testimonies provided by the migrants, they had departed from Datça, Turkey early on Sunday and had each paid traffickers 4,000 euros for their journey to Greece.

The port authority in Symi has initiated an investigation into the incident.

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(Source: Amna)

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