No Signs of Foul Play in Death of BBC Presenter Michael Mosley in Symi

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A medical examiner has found no evidence of criminal activity in the death of BBC presenter Michael Mosley, who was found dead on the Greek island of Symi on Sunday.

Mosley, 67, was on holiday with his wife when he disappeared on Wednesday after setting out for a walk from Agios Nikolaos beach. He was last seen on security cameras walking in good health in the village of Pedi.

Despite an extensive search involving drones, helicopters, and volunteers, Mosley was only discovered on Sunday morning by an ERT camera crew filming from a boat. His body was found near a fence close to Agia Marina beach, just meters from the bustling beach bar.

Due to the advanced state of decomposition, the medical examiner was unable to establish an exact cause of death. While initial findings rule out criminal activity, it remains unclear whether Mosley suffered a medical episode, succumbed to the extreme heat (temperatures reached 40°C that day), or died from injuries sustained in a fall.

Mosley's body was found on its back with his left hand on his chest, which could indicate a cardiac event. However, the lack of visible injuries makes it difficult to determine what happened. Authorities found Mosley's umbrella, hat, and backpack near his body and will examine them to confirm his wife's description and rule out robbery.

The investigation into Mosley's death remains open.

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